About our Charities

We are very proud sponsors of two charities.  The first being, Walking With The Wounded.  Here is a brief note about them and the work they do.

imgres“Our Mission: Support all veterans with physical, mental or social injury to gain the skills and qualifications necessary to develop new careers outside the military, re-integrate into society and provide long-term security for themselves and their families”.



To find out more about them and the great work they do for service men and women wounded in action and all the wonderful events they have held around the world to raise money for this fantastic cause click on this link to their website: http://walkingwiththewounded.org.uk/



Our second charity, The Mary Hare School for the Deaf is very close to our hearts. Here is a brief summary about them and what they do.



“Our mission

That all deaf children should receive the education and support which will enable them to achieve their full potential at home, school and in their subsequent careers.




  • Achieve the highest possible standards of educating deaf children, from early learning to tertiary education 

  • Be a major influence of national policy, practice and guidance in relation to deaf children and their education 

  • Enable families to achieve their vision and aspirations for their deaf child 

  • Support deaf children and young people in their emotional and social well-being 

  • Be recognised as a key provider of the highest quality training for all practitioners working with deaf children and young people 

  • Provide consultancy, advisory support, assessment and technical services that support the vision”.

To find out more about this wonderful school, click on this link to their website http://www.maryhare.org.uk/home-2

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