Hungerford Arcade “Gothic Lolitas”

Hungerford Arcade staff were in awe as two beautiful young ladies came into the Arcade dressed head-to-toe in stunning Japanese gothic clothes.


                                                                L-R Connie, Adrian & Lisa

Connie Tuttle has come over from Japan, where she teaches English, for a three week holiday.  Everything Connie and Lisa wear comes entirely from Japan.  The only time she does not wear Gothic Lolita is when she is at school teaching.


Lisa Robinson works in an office during the week, but dresses in Gothic Lolita seven days a week.  I was fascinated by her “coffin” handbag which, as you will see from the photo, looks exactly like one.


Hungerford Arcade Blog Japanese Gothic Lolitas July 2017


Connie and Lisa were kind enough to agree to having their photographs taken with our very own Arcade co-owner, Adrian Gilmour.  It was good fun.


Thank you Connie and Lisa for making our day!  Rita

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