Belgian Dealer Tries His Luck

With over 120 dealers under our roof, members of the public often bring items into the shop to try to tempt somebody into buying them. Other times it is dealers who make a beeline for our shop in the knowledge that there are people here who will buy.


It may seem strange but people sometimes travel quite a long way just to come to Hungerford Arcade to sell their heirlooms or stock.  But we don’t get many dealers who come to sell specifically at Hungerford Arcade from another country!  But that is exactly what a young man called Lucas has done for the past two years.  Once a year he has collected various items and brought them to the Arcade to try his luck with our dealers.


Antiques and collectables from other countries always go down well here because they are generally very different from the things we see on a regular basis.

Being from Belgium, Lucas has access to some amazing relics from from The First World War which are always in high demand in England, such as these artillery rounds he’s holding with Rita.  We really enjoyed his visit and the dealers who purchased from him are looking forward to seeing him again next year!  Come back soon Lucas!

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