Hungerford Arcade Sherlock Props

We received an email recently from Matt, a military officer from the Defence Academy in Shrivenham, asking if we might be able to help him find some props for a Sherlock Holmes themed murder mystery evening he was hosting.  

He was looking for an inkwell, a typewriter and various Victorian bit and pieces to fill the centre of a table as the focal point of the room.  He would have looked himself but he was very busy at work and couldn’t make it into the shop.  So we had a look around and it didn’t take us long to gather up some items which we thought might fit the bill.


Matt was very impressed with our choices and even more impressed at the size of the shop and the variety and quality of stock there is here to choose from.  He took all of the items we chose and found a couple of additional items before he left.  The dinner is being held in Kitchener Officer’s Mess at the Defence Academy of the UK in Shrivenham and will be attended by military officers, civil servants and staff from Cranfield University.  I hope everybody has a brilliant time and the props really make a difference to the atmosphere.

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