Hungerford Arcade “The Roaring Thirties!”

Hungerford Arcade Trudi and Paul 1920's Blog May 2017Hungerford Arcade was very impressed when Trudi and her husband, Paul walked in and gave us all a taste of the past.  They completely took us back to the 1930’s and the wonderful Art Deco period.  They were funny, witty and a great joy.


Trudi makes all their clothes herself, which is an amazing feat.  I have never seen two people look more the part than Trudi and Paul.  It was as if they had just come through a magical door into the future.


During the summer, Trudi and Paul open their beautiful garden in Bracklesham Bay to the public.  They have been members of the National Garden Scheme for over twenty years raising a lot of money for charity. Trudi said that she dresses like this when she is gardening….Wow!


Thank you Trudi and Paul for making our day!  Rita


Paul, Rita & Trudi

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