Hungerford Arcade “The French Foreign Legion”

Hungerford Arcade is always very interested in the lives of our customers so it was with great pleasure that we got to meet Veres Gergo”  all the way from Hungary.


Gergo” told us that he had spent 12 months in the French Foreign Legion with the 20mm Canon Cavalry Regiment.  They were the first foreign regiment that won REC.


Hungerford Arcade Royal British Legion Blog April 2017

Fa`Nosi Szila’rd (brother of Veres Gergo”), Rita (Arcade Manager), Veres Gergo” (French Foreign Legion), Sandra (Veres’ girlfriend)


1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment

The 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment (French: 1er Régiment Étranger de Cavalerie, 1er REC) is the only cavalry regiment in the French Foreign Legion.  As of 2009 it was the only armoured cavalry regiment of the 6th Light Armoured Brigade. The regiment recently moved camp after being stationed at Quartier Labouche for 47 years in Orange, Vaucluse, France since it moved from Mers-el-Kébir, Algeria in October 1967.


Hungerford Arcade French Foreign Legion Blog April 2017

Regimental Insignia of 1er REC

Veres said that the soldiers in the French Foreign Legion find a friend of each nationality wherever they go in the world so that there is always someone that they can count on. Sounds like good advice to me Veres.




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