Hungerford Arcade “Its A Fair Cop”

Hungerford Arcade had the pleasure of having the Police outside the Arcade yesterday.  They were here to make children aware of crime especially in the countryside and giving each child a gift from Thames Valley Police.  They drew quite a crowd with people asking advice on everything to do with crime and crime prevention.  It was wonderful for the town’s people to see the police about and enjoyed their company as did we. 

          PCSO Paul Smith, PCSO Sally Joyce & Arcade Stallholder, Don Greenslade

PCSO Paul Smith and PCSO Sally Joyce said they were delighted to be here as it gives people the opportunity to come and talk to them about issues they have where the Police can help.  Also, it lets people know that the Police are always around to help them.  They give crime reduction advice,  how to protect your  property and many other things and will point people in the right direction for other matters.   Included is Country Watch, as well as helping the farmers with security advice, they loan out special alarms to the victims and if they think it is suitable for their farm, can purchase one.

Hungerford Arcade Fair Cop


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