Hungerford Arcade Meets More Hungerfords

Hungerford Arcade have many, many overseas visitors.  Twice in a few months we have had members of the Hungerford family whose ancestors spread their wings to the USA. There is a group on facebook organised by William R. Hungerford who are building up the ancestry of the family by getting together with other family members in America and the UK who can add what they know from their side of the family.  It is all very interesting and to think it all started from our small market town,  Hungerford.


Hungerford Arcade Blog

The second visit was Crystal Gaskell from New York and her daughter Emma who is engaged to a Brit but lives in Amsterdam.   Crystal’s maiden name is Hungerford, but she did not know about William R Hungerford who is tracing the family ancestry.  I put her in touch with William and hopefully they will both find new threads on this remarkable family.   It was wonderful meeting you both and thank you for letting me tell your story.   Rita


Some of you may recall the blog that I published a few months ago after William R. Hungerford visited us and gave a brief history of the Hungerford Family.  He can trace them back to the 11th century!   You can read it by clicking on this link.


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