Hungerford Arcade Friends From Oz

Hungerford Arcade stallholders have families far and wide, but Cherry Dazell surprised us all when in the middle of the afternoon she walked in with this very tall, handsome chap and introduced him to us as Gary – her son who is over here on a visit from Australia.


Not only that, accompanying Gary was his beautiful girlfriend, Regena who is from Germany.  I must say, I thought she was a model as she is so gorgeous. Gary said that he had to bring Regena to Hungerford Arcade as it is shown so often on Australian television that it is really quite famous out there.  Also, he wanted to show her Cherry’s unit which really impressed her.  Regena loved the Arcade and was amazed at how big it is.


Gary Rita and Regena

Rita, Gary and Regena

Cherry is very camera shy but she did take this lovely picture of Regena, Gary and myself which I hope you like.  Gary is going to get a large print of the photo to go on his office wall at Metric Seals Company Pty Ltd in Victoria, Australia.


Thank you Gary and Regena, it was a pleasure to meet you both. Ritax


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