Hungerford Arcade BBC Bargain Hunt

Hungerford Arcade once again played host to the BBC’s Bargain Hunt this week.  They filmed two shows, one in the morning and the other after lunch.  It was as usual, a very happy event loved by staff and customers alike.


Hungerford Arcade Charlie Ross, Rita and Adrian Bargain Hunt May 2016

                                                                         Charlie Ross, Rita & Adrian

The shows were hosted by that “very cheeky chappy”, Charlie Ross and as usual, he caused quite a stir.  Everyone seemed to want to shake his hand and have their photographs taken with him (I was no exception!).  He was such good fun and between filming enjoyed chatting to everyone.


Hungerford Arcade David Harper Bargain Hunt May 2016

                                                           David Harper looking for a bargain

The two experts were TV favourites, David Harper and John Cameron.  They were wonderful with the contestants and made sure they enjoyed themselves.  The Blue Teams and the Red Teams said they were overwhelmed by the choice they had in choosing their items and at first did not know where to start spending the £300 each team was given. This is where the expert’s advice is so invaluable.   However, they did manage it and were more than happy with their purchases and wished they could have kept them for themselves.  You will have to wait until the programmes are aired before you can see what they bought, but we will let you know when they are to be broadcast.


Bargain Hunt

                                        John Cameron with one of the Blue Teams

Hungerford Arcade Red Team, David Harper and Ian May 2016

                                             David Harper with Stallholder Ian Spuffard and one of the Red Teams

Hungerford Arcade Rita with John Cameron on Bargain Hunt May 2016

                                                                                    Lucky Rita with John Cameron

Hungerford Arcade Filming Bargain Hunt May 2016

                                             The People who make it all possible – The Film Crew

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