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Jon Snow

               Channel 4 News Presenter Jon Snow with Rita

Hungerford Arcade has a celebrity who has been visiting here for many, many years and I always thought to myself that I would love the opportunity to shake his hand and have a little chat with him instead of the usual, “Hello Jon, how are you?”.


Well my chance came when Channel 4 News presenter, Jon Snow came to the counter.  I greeted him and explained that I watch Channel 4 News every evening and have always wanted to have my photograph taken with him for our ‘Hall of Fame’ which is on the stair-well to our office.


Jon was brilliant and said he would be delighted.  I rushed upstairs and fetched the camera and here is the photograph that I am very proud of.  Jon has a great sense of humour and he certainly made my day.



Jon SnowJon has a very long and distinguished career.  He is a British journalist and television presenter, currently employed by ITN.  He is the longest running presenter of Channel 4 News, which he has presented since 1989. (I didn’t realise that he has headed Channel 4 News for 27 years and I watch it every evening – is that sad?)  He has reported news from across the world and even found time to write his brilliant autobiography called “Jon Snow Shooting History”, published in 2004.  This is a must read book.


 Thank you Jon for making my day.  Rita

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