Hungerford Arcade Pirate Mary And Her Amazing Galleon

Hungerford Arcade has a long history of helping children with all sorts of things.  Today however, was a little special in that Mary Oliver, a year one student at Hungerford
Primary School came to the Arcade with her mum, Emily and brother, Isaiah and told us that she was looking for a pirate ship and asked if we had any!  Mary explained that her school topic this term is the sea and that the children have been given the task of doing something arty with a pirate theme



Hungerford Arcade co-owner, Adrian Gilmour presenting the galleon to Mary with the help of brother, Isaiah


Mary could not believe her eyes when she was taken to the big square in the centre of the Arcade and was told to look up.  High up by the timber beams was a beautiful galleon owned by stallholder, Ann Parker.  Mary was so excited and asked how much it would be to buy.  We called Ann and explained Mary’s task to her. She was so impressed with Mary’s enthusiasm and excitement that she told Mary that she can have the galleon as a gift.  Here you can see Hungerford Arcade co-owner Adrian gilmour presenting it to Mary.  


Hungerford Arcade, Mum Emily, Adrian, Mary & Isaiah

Mum, Emily, Adrian, Mary and Isaiah

Mary was stunned for a few seconds and then said, “Mummy, we have to take the ship home now and make my eye patch!”.


Mary’s mum, Emily is going to send us a photograph of Mary dressed in her pirate costume. I will post it on here for you all to see.


Thank you Ann for your generosity to the pirates.







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