Hungerford Arcade USA and Victorian England

Hungerford Arcade USA Meat Drainer Tables Feb 2016

Eileen’s beautiful blue and white meat drainer table

We had a wonderful lady visit us from the USA, Eileen Langenus, who told us this wonderful story about a table she has at home in the States.  The table is purely decorative and as you will see from Eileen’s pictures of her and her mother’s tables, they are rather beautiful.  The tables are specially made by craftsman who are very guarded about their skills and the secrets that makes it work, but I can tell you this. The table top is actually an English Victorian meat drainer.  






Hungerford Arcade USA Meat Drainer Table 4

Eileen’s mother’s beautiful meat drainer table

The maker of the tables, travels over to England especially to buy the Victorian meat drainers then, on his return, designs the tables around them.  As you can see, the tables are very decorative and would be a talking point in any room.  I think they are just stunning!





Hungerford Arcade USA Meat Drainer Table



Hungerford Arcade USA Meat Drainer Table 3

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