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Hungerford Arcade Cutlery to Jewellery Wendy Smyth Jan 2016

Rita with Wendy, showing off the beautiful ring that she made from cutlery

Hungerford Arcade once again came up trumps when a customer with a most unusual skill, called into the Arcade to buy some silver cutlery, “but not just any old silver cutlery”, she said.  We were intrigued and waited for her to return to the counter with her purchases to find out more.




Hungerford Arcade Wendy Smyth Jewellery from Cutlery

From this….

The customer, Wendy Smyth, came back to the counter with her purchases of silver cutlery dessert forks, coffee spoons, butter knives and sugar tongs, and told us, “This might look like ordinary cutlery, but parts from each item will be transformed into bespoke jewellery”. As you can see from the photographs, the beautiful rings designed and made by Wendy entirely from cutlery.  I will never look at cutlery again in the same way.  When I see teaspoons, I wonder how they would look as long dangly earrrings!  



Hungerford Arcade Wendy Smyth Jewellery from Cutlery

to this

Hungerford Arcade Wendy Smyth Cutlery to Jewellery Jan 2016

and this



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