Hungerford Arcade Military Vehicle Poppy Appeal Thank You


Back row L-R: George Ralph, Keith Brigstock, Georgie Davidson, Ashley Simpkins, Tim Perry, June Crook, Chris Freeman, Bob Williams Front row L-R: Roy Parr, Richard Tallack, Andy Dawson, Gary Crook, Kim (General Patton).

We were so proud to have the wonderful men and women, dressed in WWII uniforms outside the Arcade with their fabulous vintage Military Vehicles once again this year. Everyone at the Arcade and the Royal British Legion send their sincere thanks for all that they have done.   Not only do they raise money for the Poppy Appeal, but they give memories back to people who remember these vehicles from the War and what their parents and grand-parents did during that time.  As you will see from the photos, young people are fascinated by these vehicles and the people who own them. 


Andy Dawson turned the Bedford MWR (Radio) truck into a field kitchen. He’s a great cook!



Keith Brigstock with the immaculate Austin Staff Car


Original Radio equipment in Andy’s Bedford MWR



Henry trying out Gary Crook’s rare Bedford OY Fuel Tanker











Gary Crook with his stunning Bedford OY Fuel Tanker – A very rare lorry


Kim whom I christened, General Patton. He looked amazing













Arcade co-owner, Adrian Gilmour with Kim aka Gen. Patton


Kim’s (Gen. Patton) amazing Dodge WC52 (Weapons Carrier) 1942










Rita with Kim whom she named Gen. Patton



Tim Perry looking very smart with his marvellous Royal Enfield Military Motorbike








I will be posting more photos tomorrow so please look out for them.



  1. Hello my name is James Patrick. I am from SC. In the past few weeks I have been given all my grandfathers (Henry A. Ramey, Georgia) medels and war items from his service with General George Patton. Along my searching I came across a sterling silver bracelet, with the name ‘Roy Parr FX 85320’ inscribed on the face and on the reverse ‘Kay Oct. 30, 1942’. I was wondering if this possibly is the same Roy Parr, that served with my Grandfather. If you happen to know him personally, or can contact him. Please forward my contact information.

    I can send photo if needed.
    Thanks for your time.


    1. Hello James,

      That is wonderful. I will contact Roy, give him your details and he will get in touch with you. If you could send me a photograph, I would appreciate it very much and if you would like me to blog a story about your grandfather and his war time experiences with General Patton, I would love to do it. Our readers (all over the world) love true life articles about what people did during the war.

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