Hungerford Arcade Witches Fly In

Halloween is always fun at Hungerford Arcade –  or so we thought!  When suddenly and without warning, two witches flew down from the sky.  They parked their brooms in the Arcade doorway, the door creaked and the glass rattled as they made their entrance.  The older one, carrying a snowy owl on the end of her hand, cried out,  “We have come this day of Halloween to awaken the spooks who dwell within the bowels of this Arcade”.  The chandeliers shook on the ceilings and lights flickered.  Fearful of the witches, we greeted them kindly hoping they would look upon us favourably, but it became obvious, mischief was on their mind.  


DSCN0845They stalked the Arcade and there came across stallholder, Don Greenslade.  We all gasped and wondered what they had in store for poor Don, when the older witch grabbed him and then, without warning, planted a big kiss on the side of his face.  Then, the young witch did exactly the same.  What is going on? we thought.  All became clear when the witches showed their faces.  We gasped as we looked upon them…… They were Jayne Greenslade (Don’s lovely wife) and his gorgeous daughter, Vicky.  It turned out to be another great day at the Arcade after all!

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