Hungerford Arcade “Christmas Jolly”

Hungerford Arcade staff, stallholders and our gorgeous mascot, Spencer had a fabulous Christmas dinner down at the John O’Gaunt in Hungerford on Saturday evening.  We took the opportunity to raise our glasses and drink a toast to all our customers who visit us throughout the year.  Merry Christmas to all and thank you to everyone that came to celebrate with us!




Hungerford Arcade “Mary Hare School on Channel 4

I wanted to let you know about a Channel 4 documentary featuring our sponsored charity, the Mary Hare School for Deaf Children & Young Adults and some of its pupils.


The film titled Extraordinary Teens: School of Life and Deaf will be televised at 10pm on Channel 4 on Thursday 14th December so please do watch it if you get a chance.


They are also featured in various publicity around the documentary including BBC Breakfast on 14th December and Woman’s Hour, as well as articles in national and local press.


We hope you enjoy watching!


Hungerford Christmas Lights Switch On

It’s that time of year again for Hungerford’s famous Christmas lights to be switched on! 

The person doing the honors this year was award winning author, Robert Harris. Hungerford Town Band played and children from Hungerford Primary School provided carols.


It wouldn’t be quite the same without a small technical hitch – the tree remained dark for the first couple of minutes after everything else had been turned on!  Just a minor hiccup!


All in all a great start to the festive season in Hungerford!


Hungerford Arcade ”Affordable Art Show”


Open on the 25th and 26th of November
11am – 5pm


25 The Croft, Hungerford, RG17 0HY


Hungerford Arcade’s very own master of fine metal art Diccon Dadey will be exhibiting at the Affordable Art Show alongside many other artists.  




Hungerford Arcade Rare Two Pence Piece

I am willing to bet that nobody reading this blog will ever have seen a coin like this one before.  The reason I am so sure is that to my knowledge, there are only 7 others like it in existence.  This is an extremely rare two pence piece struck mistakenly in cupro-nickel (a copper nickel alloy) in 1971.  The most likely scenario for it being struck in the incorrect metal at the royal mint is that a nickel blank was left in the machine when they started to strike the two pence coins.


Why 7 others?  While doing some reading I learned that they strike coins in lots of 8 at the mint so it is unlikely that the wrong blanks were used more than once.  At least 2 of these coins have been found and sold at auction in the past few years and it is incredible to think that a coin which is still legal tender can make upwards of 50000 times its face value! The highest price I have found is over £1300 and sold at auction in England in 2014.


The one I have here is owned by a friend of mine who acquired it while working at a newsagents in 1971.  He was stocking the till with change when he noticed a glint of silver in amongst the copper coins.  He thought it looked interesting enough so he changed it for a normal 2p from his pocket and took it home.  A few years later he sent it off to the Royal Mint to see if they could tell him any more about it.  They replied with a signed letter confirming its authenticity as a genuine 2p coin struck in cupro-nickel.


My friend then allowed the coin to sit safely in a cupboard for more than 40 years, along with the letters from the Mint.  When he heard about the recent discoveries and auctions he thought it was about time to sell the coin, which is exactly what he plans to do.  The coin will be going to auction this year and I think he is guaranteed a profit on the investment he made 46 years ago! 






Hungerford Arcade “Thank you Hungerford”

Hungerford Arcade thank all the people of Hungerford who made Remembrance Sunday very special.  It was lovely to see so many shops in the town with Remembrance window displays.  These lovely photographs were sent to us by Di Lock of The Royal British Legion.  Thank you Di.


Hungerford Arcade Remembrance Window




Hungerford Arcade “Festive Jewellery Valuation Day”

Hungerford Arcade Jewellery Valuation Day Ian & FrancesHungerford Arcade, is very pleased to welcome back by popular demand, Frances Jones and Ian Spuffard who will be holding a special Festive Jewellery Valuation Day on Saturday, 9th December between 10.30 am and 3.00 pm.


There will be mince pies and fruit mulled wine so bring all your jewellery (even if it is broken) and have it valued.  Both Frances and Ian do buy if you wish to sell.



Hungerford Arcade “Candle Snuffers”

      Alison and her husband with Adrian

Hungerford Arcade staff and stallholders are always fascinated by what people collect.  A lovely couple called in looking for candle snuffers and as always, there was a good selection for them to choose from.  


Candle snuffers come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are just a metal hood on a wood or metal handle which vary in length due to the height one had to reach to put out the candles.  Others are much more elaborate and highly decorated.  There are some for wick trimming as well as candle snuffing and are shaped like a pair of scissors with a box on the top.  These can be very beautiful.





Hungerford Arcade Candle Snuffer Blog Nov 2017

Alison and her husband found just what they were looking for and thoroughly enjoyed their day out.





Hungerford Arcade Local Winter Exhibition

Winter Exhibition


Sue and daughter Claire Acworth welcome you to come to their exhibition of pastel drawings and handmade jewellery

Little Hidden Farm

Hungerford, Berkshire. RG17 0PN

10am to 6pm
10th, 11th & 12th November

Welcome to bring family & friends





Sue Acworth – Pastel drawings

Sue has a life-long interest in the countryside to which many of her pictures are related. She captures the ebb and flow of the seasons with her colourful depictions of woodlands, animals and landscapes. Sue works with pastels on sandpaper and is developing techniques that almost add a third dimension to her pictures.

t: 01488 683253



Claire Acworth – Jewellery

Claire is a designer and maker of contemporary jewellery, working in silver and occasionally gold. Her work is organic and sculptural. Textured with hammer marks or imprinted with the delicate veins of a leaf, each piece is unique. She uses semi-precious stones as well as simple found objects such as pebbles or sea glass which are transformed into elegant new forms.

t: 07765 251531







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